Our history

The JLM Lubricants brand was launched at Automechanika 2010, in Frankfurt, Germany. Now, two years after the launch, JLM is available in more than 60 countries worldwide thanks to the unique products that JLM introduced.

JLM Lubricants is the first company within the industry to undertake independent road and laboratory testing. As a result, the JLM Valve Saver Fluid & Valve Saver Kit were the first LPG & NGV additive products to comply with the latest TÜV laboratory standard of the German Monitoring Association.

With the introduction of the first Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Cleaner that can be added to a diesel fuel tank, the JLM DPF Cleaner, the brand has achieved worldwide brand awareness. Creating a powerful diesel product range for today’s cars.

But how can a new brand conquer markets so quickly? The company behind JLM Lubricants is GMS Lubricants B.V., manufacturer of innovative fuel additives and premium technical lubricants. GMS Lubricants was founded in 2010, but is part of the GMS group, which has been operating on the European market since the late 1970s. With more than a decade of experience in developing the additive market in Europe, JLM has a solid background.


  • GMS Lubricants B.V. was founded - January 2010
  • JLM Lubricants trademark registration - March 2010
  • JLM Valve Saver Fluid became the first autogas additive ever to successfully complete a valve seat recession protection road test - August 2010
  • JLM products worldwide launch at Automechanika Frankfurt - September 2010
  • JLM products already available in 20+ countries - January 2011
  • INPRO 2011 Award for best autogas additive - March 2011
  • JLM introduces the first Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Cleaner that can be added to a diesel fuel tank – April 2011
  • JLM Valve Saver Fluid & JLM Valve Saver Kit became the first autogas additive with TÜV standard - May 2011
  • JLM opens an Asia Pacific office in Bangkok, Thailand - January 2012
  • Best Valve Saver Fluid Inpro Award 2012, GasShow, Poland - February 2012
  • JLM products available in 60+ Countries – September 2012

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