JLM LPG Store Pack

JLM LPG Store Pack

Our JLM Floor Display at the retail level is important to brand establishment and impulse buying stimulation. The large, colourful, eye catching display makes our JLM Lubricants products stand out from the competition in any retail or exhibition situation

Nearly 75% of all final purchase decisions are made in-store… at the point of sale.

The JLM Floor Display is a key element of the consumer’s shopping journey. From location to direction to information and education, the floor display provides an important messages and facilitation of the customer’s in-store shopping experience.

Other than packaging, the JLM Floor Display is the final opportunity for our JLM brand to influence the purchasing decision. JLM Floor Display can be set up very quickly and is relatively inexpensive, so your budget works far harder.

Off-shelf merchandising is an alternative and powerful use of POS. The JLM Floor Display creates impactful focal points. Studies have shown that the use of these materials can drive short term sales increments by at least 50%.

Of course, this can be helped by a good promotional offer. But the key ingredient is the JLM Floor Display itself, as it grips the attention of the consumer for longer.



  • In store JLM promotion
  • Display is quick and easy to assemble
  • Premium branding
  • Extra sales 
  • Relatively inexpensive

How to use

Easy assembly instruction inside, the instructions can also be downloaded in the left bottom corner of this page.

Please also note the following details about the Display:

Display size  153 x 37 x 23 cm (H x W x D)
Shelf-Size      34 x 21 cm (W x D)

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