Gas Leak Detector Spray 400ml

Gas Leak Detector Spray

400 ml / J01110
JLM Gas Leak Detector Spray is harmless and odourless and easily and quickly detects all types of leaks. The use of a special nozzle means that JLM Gas Leak Detector can be used at any angle

Product information

JLM Gas Leak Detector Spray faultlessly and effectively detects all kinds of large and minuscule gas leaks such as butane, helium, natural gas and propane gas and seals for hydrogen, nitrogen and air and oxygen. The harmless and odourless spray does not leave a deposit and can be used on materials down to 10 degrees below zero using a specially designed, 360 degree spray nozzle.
JLM Gas Leak Detector Spray is water-based and contains no solvents, silicones or oils. As a result, the leak detection spray is non-combustible and can be used on, among others, cars, motorbikes, boats, campers, caravans and LPG/CNG gas systems and natural gas systems.

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  • Suitable for gas and air leaks
  • Can be used to -10 degrees Celsius
  • Quick and effective in use
  • Harmless and non-combustible
  • Non-toxic, no skin irritation
  • 360° spray nozzle

How to use 

Shake the JLM Gas Leak Detector Spray well before use.
Spray the Gas Leak Detector Spray directly onto the connection or joint to be checked. Air bubbles show the presence of a leak.
JLM Gas Leak Detector Spray complies with the BS: 14291: 2004 standard & DIN-DVGW Reg .no. NG-5170AO0659 condition

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