Radiator Stop Leak

Radiator Stop Leak

250 ml / J04811
Radiator Stop Leak seals holes up to 0.9 millimetres in radiators, coolant hoses, coolant reservoirs, heating radiators, cylinder heads, head gaskets and water pumps and cleans and prevents oxidation

Product information

As soon as Radiator Stop Leak is added to the vehicle's cooling system, its active components seal any leaks that exist up to a diameter of almost one millimetre. The cleaning effect of Radiator Stop Leak makes is ideally suited to preventing problems in the cooling system.
Radiator Stop Leak is suitable for all common cooling systems, water pumps and heating systems in all vehicles. Radiator Stop Leak has an anti-corrosive effect making it suitable for use as a preventative or for maintenance. Radiator Sealer & Conditioner Pro can be mixed with all types of ex works and after-market coolants and antifreeze.

The importance of a (properly) working cooling system

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  • Suitable for all types of radiators, water pumps and heating systems
  • Can be mixed with all types of coolants and antifreeze
  • Highly suitable as a preventive cleaner and sealant
  • Protects cooling and heating systems against oxidation and blockages

How to use

Bring the engine up to operating temperature and leave to idle. Set the heater to the hottest setting. Open the coolant reservoir or the radiator in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer's instructions. Shake the Radiator Sealer & Conditioner Pro well and add the entire contents of one bottle to the cooling system.
One bottle of JLM Radiator Sealer & Conditioner Pro is sufficient for cooling systems on most common passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. JLM Radiator Sealer & Conditioner Pro complies with the ASTM D3147, ASTM D1881, ASTM D1384 and CEC C-22-A-00 standard methods for testing leak detection additives for engine coolants

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