“We have been using the JLM GDI Injector Cleaner for 12 months now and really love the product. It has been shown time and time again on vehicles that the fuel quality in Germany is anything but good and, especially with gasoline direct injection, the injectors get dirty and cook on a regular basis.

Before making the move to JLM’s product we had been using a product from a well-known automobile manufacturer but were dissatisfied with the results.

So, we began testing the JLM GDI Cleaner extensively including using it on vehicles that we could only class as ‘Hopeless Cases!’.

To give an example of how incredible the JLM GDI Injector Cleaner is at doing exactly what it is supposed to do, we have fixed many vehicles.

One especially stands out; a VW Caddy CBZ. This car had contaminated nozzles and a lean run-in gasoline of over 50%! 40 litres of fuel and a can of the GDI Injector Cleaner meant that the standard width fell back to only 10% – within the first 100 km. The customer was happy because he was renting out an extremely expensive repair of over 800 €.

We therefore recommend using the JLM GDI injector cleaner every 20,000 km. It is money wisely spent for the professional mechanic and their customers.”

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