As well as the known JLM Diesel Injector Cleaner, now by popular demand we have developed an extra-concentrated JLM diesel system cleaner for use directly in the fuel filter. This is a very powerful remedy for professional workshop technicians. 
JLM Rapid Fuel System Clean is a highly concentrated cleaner. A specially developed combination of additives rapidly cleans the fuel system. This helps restore the power loss caused by contamination. The treatment removes deposits in the fuel rail and injectors, but also on valves, pistons and in the combustion chamber. The product solves engine problems such as knocking on part load and irregular idling. The cleaner also reduces fuel consumption, protects against corrosion and reduces emissions. 

JLM Rapid Fuel System Clean can be used in both old and new diesel engines. It has a preventative effect and solves engine problems.  
For best results, JLM recommends replacing the diesel fuel filter, filling the new filter with JLM Diesel Intake Extreme Clean Fluid Pack and running the engine. The workshop technician can also create a separate fuel circuit running the engine directly on JLM Diesel Intake Extreme Clean Fluid Pack. Stop the engine before all the JLM Diesel Intake Extreme Clean Fluid Pack in the can has been used. Return the vehicle’s fuel system to its original state, and the vehicle will be ready for use again. A quantity of 500ml is sufficient for one treatment. For severe contamination, use a double dose.  

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