The Netherlands based global automotive brand JLM Lubricants has unveiled a campaign that is being launched in the 46 countries where their additives and lubricants are sold. The Netherlands is one of the first countries taking part in the exciting pilot initiative.

The ‘Friends of JLM’ campaign sees the brand introducing topflight independent workshop technicians to their worldwide audience and promoting each one in their country of origin.

Explaining more, Gilbert Groot, CEO, and founder of JLM Lubricants said: “2023 is our thirteenth birthday. It also marks our most successful year to date with growth across all product categories in every country that promotes our products.”

“Our brand strength is built on a firm foundation of product quality and  innovation, global reach and crucially being trade trusted – underpinned by a loyal  family of distributors. This is gift wrapped in our ethos of Repair over Replace and Products over Parts. The independent professional technician sits in the middle – the jewel in our crown.”

“It seemed appropriate therefore to celebrate 2023 and to kick start 2024 with a unique campaign – Friends of JLM. This sees us celebrating some of the biggest trade fans of our products – independent technicians that trust, love, and use JLM products every day in the toughest environment of all – their workshop.”

“In the coming months we will be putting the spotlight on every one of these technicians – each one nominated by the in country JLM distributor, sharing why they rate JLM and showcasing their talent through a number of channels – social media, print and PR.  They will also be promoted in their home country, working closely with our distributor.”

“So, what better country in which to start this campaign than the manufacturing powerhouse of the Netherlands – the home of JLM Lubricants since we launched 13 years ago. A country incidentally renowned for the most stringent automotive health and safety regulations in the world. I can announce today that we are starting this campaign with 6 Netherlands based friends of JLM – each one an independent workshop that flies the flag for our products. These technicians stand for everything that is commendable about independent workshops with their strong ethos on customer service and commitment to a first-time fix. I am pleased to welcome CarXpert Autoservice Alteer, Zwiers Auto Techniek, AUTOEXCELLENT Strijker, Kallenberg Autos, M-Techniek Alkmaar and ABK Autogas Alkmaar.”

“Because JLM Lubricants is first and foremost a trade trusted brand there is no better way to celebrate our success than by sharing the stage with talented technicians that love our products as much as we do. And to amplify their voices so they can be heard all over the world –  with the journey starting here in the Netherlands,” concluded Gilbert.

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