Say helmotions in 2019.

So keep a look out for special competitions with stockists and professional motor mechanics with some great prizes featuring Luby. This includes limited edition baseball hats, t-shirts, mugs and jackets. Luby will be popping up in videos and exhibition materials too. He’s already a hit online and has a growing following on social media. 

“With Luby our aim was to create a character that would connect with our brand name and our brand purpose. We wanted to stay close to the image of a drop of oil and to embody this in a little mascot with a fresh, modern and fun appearance. Luby is set to become an instantly recognizable mascot for our brand; a little character that will make people smile and think positive things about JLM Lubricants. He’s the perfect brand ambassador for all our products.”  

Mark Hoff, Marketing Director JLM Lubricants 

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