At JLM Lubricants, our Dutch identity runs deep in every drop of fuel additive we produce. We proudly wear the ‘Made in the Netherlands’ badge for a multitude of reasons that resonate with our core values and beliefs.

Committed to quality
Firstly, the Netherlands is renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality and precision. This dedication excellence is ingrained in our DNA, ensuring that each product bearing the JLM Lubricants name consistently surpasses rigorous quality benchmarks and exceeds the highest standards, just like our windmills standing tall against the horizon.

Pushing boundaries
Moreover, Dutch innovation courses through our veins. Renowned globally, this culture of creativity and ingenuity is fostered in an environment ripe for pioneering research and development. Positioned within this innovative ecosystem, we let the Dutch spirit of ingenuity fuel our drive to constantly push the boundaries of lubricant and additive technology.

Sustainable by choice
Additionally, sustainability is not just a buzzword for us—it’s a commitment. The Netherlands leads the charge in environmental consciousness, with companies increasingly embracing eco-friendly practices. By manufacturing its products locally, JLM Lubricants proudly aligns with this unwavering commitment to sustainability, offering environmentally responsible additive options..

Proud heritage
And let’s not forget our rich Dutch heritage and tradition. As we proudly display the “Made in the Netherlands” label we pay homage to our roots and contribute to the legacy of Dutch craftsmanship and innovation that spans generations.

In essence, at JLM Lubricants, being proudly Dutch isn’t just a tagline—it’s who we are. It’s the wind in our sails, propelling us forward with a sense of pride and purpose, as we continue to craft fuel additives and lubricants that reflect the timeless values of our home country.

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