JLM Diesel Extreme Clean Heavy Duty

1000ml / J02365
JLM Diesel Extreme Clean Heavy Duty

JLM Diesel Diesel Extreme Clean Heavy Duty is a fuel additive specifically designed for on- and off-road HDV’s (including trucks, heavy machinery and stationary engines or gensets). It is the ultimate diesel system cleaner and rejuvenator addressing all common deposit related problems in modern diesel engines. Diesel Extreme Clean HD is a true multipurpose product that cleans deposits from the complete fuel system including injectors (external and internal), valves and combustion chamber, boosts cetane number up to 5 points and lubricates the diesel fuel pump in case of low sulphur fuel. This results in rapid restoration of engine performance and fuel economy.

In addition to cleaning the entire fuel system, Diesel Extreme Clean HD contains cerium (FBC) that promotes cleaning up the diesel particulate filter (DPF/ FAP) and keep it clean. Cerium significantly lowers the ignition temperature of soot collected in the Diesel Particle Filter and optimizes the periodic combustion of accumulated soot, a process known as filter regeneration.

The unique combination of a clean fuel system, clean combustion with lower emissions and soot particles that combust much faster will assist in keeping the catalytic converter, exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR) as well as the turbo compressor and its variable geometry vanes clean from deposits.


Product information

Internal Diesel Injector Deposits (IDID)
Deposit formation on injector valve, piston and needle result in:
• Difficulties to start the engine, or no engine start o Engine vibration and trembling
• Increased engine noise

External Diesel Injector Deposits (EDID, spray hole)
Nozzles of modern diesel engines have extremely small spray hole diameters. Inside and around the spray holes, deposits may form and reduce the amount of injected fuel or disturb the spray pattern. This causes power loss of the engine and higher fuel consumption. In addition, it results in incomplete combustion causing higher emissions and even more deposit formation.

Diesel Extreme Clean HD is a very effective cleaner for both internal (IDID) and external diesel injector deposits (EDID).

Dedicated concentrate for Heavy Duty Vehicles. For all diesel engines with or without turbochargers running on low or normal sulphur level diesel fuel and biofuel B7, B10 and B20.

Shake before use! Pour the contents of the 1 liter bottle in the diesel fuel tank before filling it with diesel fuel. 1 liter treats 500 liter of diesel truck fuel. Do not overdose!

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