JLM E85 Fuel Treatment

250ml / J03180
JLM E85 Fuel Treatment

JLM E85 Fuel Treatment is a multifunctional additive for use in high ethanol content gasolines such as E85. JLM E85 Fuel Treatment controls the fuel pHe and forms a protective barrier layer on metal parts preventing corrosion. Also it protects and lubricates the fuel system and protects the fuel pump from excessive wear.

Provides excellent keep-clean and clean-up performance in the fuel and combustion system. Reduces and controls deposits on port fuel injectors, intake ports and intake valves, resulting in improved driveability, fuel economyand power. Reduces exhaust emission.

With JLM’s novel and cutting-edge fuel additive technology, engine performance is reliably maintained over the whole life of the vehicle. By removing deposits and keeping the injector system clean, the engine will continue to perform as expected.

Product information

JLM E85 Fuel Treatment is a powerful fuel additive. Specifically developed to protect the fuel system against the harmful effects of E85 fuels.

How to use
250ml treats 40-60L petrol.  Suitable for all petrol cars. Add to petrol fuel tank. Use every tank fill for best result.

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