JLM Injector Loosener

400ml / J04210
  • Dissolves rust, dirt and (soot) deposits
JLM Injector Loosener

Product information

JLM Injector Loosener removes corrosion, dirt crusts, oil residues and gumming on injectors, injector nozzles, glow-and spark plugs of (diesel) engines. And for disassembling of rusted screws, nuts and bolts etc. Lubricates and prevents rust on springs, open chains, cogwheels, hinges, locks and turning points of machines. Can be used if of a normal penetrating oil doesn't work. 

Directions for use
Use on room temperature - Shake before use 
On very heavy contaminated objects it is recommended remove large dirt particles first. 
Spray from a short distance on the parts to disassemble 
Spray until the seized parts have cooled down sufficiently 
Allow to penetrate and reduce the component temperature before attempting to undo. 
Give it time to work. Repeat if necessary.