JLM Underbody Spray Black

500ml / J04603
JLM Underbody Spray Black

Underbody Spray Black is an anti-gravel coat aerosol based on synthetic resins and rubbers. This coating is quick dry and is especially developed for a long-term gravel protection of front and rear spoilers, sills, side skirts, wheel arches, etc.


  • Quick dry
  • Dip-free
  • Noise reduction
  • Rust protection
  • Gravel protection

Product information

This product is thixotropic and can be applied drip-free. The product has a good adhesion and can be painted over with any kind of lacquer system when the film is completely dried. Drying can take place at room temperature or at elevated temperatures up to 60°C. After application the result will be a closed, elastic and structured film with excellent rust- and gravel protection. Underbody Spray Black also reduces the noise inside cars because of the sound dampening/proofing properties.

Use on room temperature. Shake before use. Surface must be dry and clean, free from dirt, rust, grease etc. Spray an even layer on the object of surface to be coated. Recommended thickness = approximately 0,5 mm at application. Apply minimal two layers. Before over painting allow the coating tob e completely dry. Leave to evaporate/dry. Do not spray on the exhaust, brake system or on motor parts. For high corrosion protection bare metal should be greated with an anit corrosion primer prior tot he use anti gravel. After use, to clean the nozzle and prevent blockage, hold the can up siode down and spray until only gas (propellant) is coming out of the can. Can be removed with aromatic solventsas white spirit, boiling point naphtha, xylene etc.