Products - Additives

JLM offers a wide range of high-quality service and maintenance products which allow mechanics to do their job quickly and thoroughly. JLM’s range includes technical sprays, lubricants, coatings, leak stop sealants, cleaners and rinsing agents for the different activities which are carried out in the workshop. Each specific JLM product is extensively tested before being launched on the market and is constantly being optimised following its launch based on customer feedback. More and more technicians are opting for JLM products thanks to this tried and tested concept. JLM service products are used by technicians in a wide variety of sectors including the automotive, heavy-duty, mechanised agriculture and earth movement industries. There is nearly always a JLM cleaner, lubricant or protective product available for your application of choice.

At JLM Lubricants, we consider clean, efficient mobility important. We develop demonstrably effective products that keep internal combustion engines in peak form. Our fuel additives work both as preventives and as problem solvers. We provide products of the highest quality to professionals in the automotive industry. The most important values in this are maintaining the lowest CO2 emissions possible and preventing repairs.

Just gets better

I never thought JLM would surprise me just how much it has and it doesn't stop. It just gets better and better everytime. I use these products the fantastic results speak for themselfs. Keep up the amazing work.

Andrew Watts