DPF Cleaner HD

1000ml / J02215
  • Fuel-saving effect
  • Highly effective DPF cleaner
  • Reduces emissions
DPF Cleaner HD

What is JLM DPF Cleaner HD?

JLM DPF Cleaner Heavy Duty is one of the best diesel particulate filter cleaners for trucks and fleet owners on the market. This diesel filter cleaner’s high concentration of the active ingredient will make worrying about blocked DPF filters a thing of the past.


  • Fuel-saving effect
  • Significantly prolongs the service life of the diesel particulate filter
  • Highly effective DPF cleaner
  • Cleaning without dismantling
  • Low Ash Regeneration
  • Unique high performance catalyst
  • Reduce soot emissions

Product information

Discover the difference JLM DPF Cleaner HD can make to your vehicle

Why you should use JLM’s DPF Cleaner HD on your truck

Almost all modern trucks and even many older trucks are equipped with diesel particulate filters. The DPF filter captures incompletely combusted fuel (soot) from the truck’s engine that would otherwise end up in the environment.

Normally the truck’s electronics ensure that this soot is burned during motorway driving or when the engine is under a heavy load. This is known as regeneration.

However, many trucks only make short journeys as a result of which the engine is hardly under any load at all. As a result, regeneration does not occur, and soot continues to accumulate in the diesel particulate filter. Eventually the DPF filter becomes blocked.

JLM DPF Cleaner Heavy Duty solves this specific problem. There is no need to remove the diesel particulate filter. This saves a lot of downtime and therefore money for the fleet owner and truck driver.

What makes JLM DPF Cleaner HD work?

The JLM DPF Cleaner Heavy Duty ensures that the soot in the diesel particulate filter burns at a lower speed stopping the build-up of soot.

Conventional cleaners contain iron to initiate the regeneration process. JLM DPF Cleaner Heavy Duty consists of a high concentration of a patented platinum-cerium compound.

This combination ensures improved regeneration and cleaning of the diesel particulate filter compared with conventional cleaners. The higher the concentration of platinum, the better the regeneration.

Because JLM DPF Cleaner Heavy Duty contains less iron than other competitive cleaners on the market there is a smaller build-up of ash in the diesel particulate filter. As a result, the service life of the filter is prolonged.

This is why you should use JLM DPF Cleaner Heavy Duty. It restores the exhaust system and with it the fuel consumption, power and emission of exhaust gases to the original factory condition.

JLM DPF Cleaner Heavy Duty is proven to be suitable for heavy-duty trucks, buses, other commercial vehicles and heavy-duty diesel retrofit systems.

How to use DPF Cleaner HD

  1. Shake well before use.
  2. Add 1000 ml to 170 litres of diesel fuel. Add to the tank before filling it with diesel fuel.
  3. Close the fuel cap and drive away.
  4. Do not refuel until the tank is almost empty.

JLM’s market leading DPF cleaning for trucks

Try JLM’s DPF Cleaner on your truck or fleet. It’s our market leading DPF Cleaner specially formulated larger vehicles. and experience the benefits of a DPF running at optimal condition for yourself. Adding 1000ml of DPF Cleaner HD can help reduce emissions, improve fuel efficiency and save you fuel and money.

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Much safer

JLM DPF cleaner contains a high concentration of Cerium and Platinum. This allows regeneration to take place at a much lower temperature in a much shorter time. And it’s safer too.

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