JLM Diesel DPF Cleaning Toolkit

  • Cleans the fuel system and injection system
  • Eliminates and prevents bacterial growth
  • Prevents the fuel filter from getting blocked
JLM Diesel DPF Cleaning Toolkit

The JLM Diesel DPF Cleaning Kit has been developed for cleaning clogged diesel particulate filters and to prevent future repeated build-up of soot in the particulate filter.


  • Developed solely for the professional motor mechanic
  • Keep al DPF work in house no matter how complex
  • Significant income earner for workshops

Product information

The JLM Diesel DPF Cleaning Kit consists of a cleaning process which is divided into two
steps: a deep cleaner and a flush. Both the fluids are distributed into the DPF by means of a tube with conical nozzle in to the hose of the front pressure sensor.

The JLM Diesel DPF Cleaning fluid (step 1) dissolves the various contaminations and soaks the accumulated soot particles. Step two, JLM Diesel DPF Flush, flushes out the substrate and also re-distributes the accumulated soot within the soot trap. After these two steps the DPF is now optimally prepared for a (forced) regeneration.


Use For passenger cars fitted with diesel particulate filters (DPF/FAP) and light commercial vehicles with similar engines. Direction: see instruction manual and instruction video’s, professional use only.

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Effectively cleaning

The JLM DPF Cleaning Tool Kit used with the JLM Clean & Flush effectively cleans the soot from the DPF in-situ at low temperature.

Professional Mechanic