Diesel DPF Refill Kit

Diesel DPF Refill Kit

What is JLM Diesel DPF Fluid Refill Kit?

Our DPF refill fluid kit is the perfect addition for our JLM Diesel DPF Refill Fluid. Use this simple tool to fill your vehicle with particulate filter additive. JLM Diesel DPF Refill Kit can be used again and again when you need to clean your diesel particulate filter with the help of regeneration fluids.

Product information

All modern cars with a diesel engine have a diesel particulate filter so would benefit from a DPF fluid refill kit to aid cleaning the DPF. The filter captures incompletely combusted fuel (soot) from the engine that would otherwise end up in the environment. The car's electronics ensure that this soot is burned during motorway driving or when the engine is under a heavy load. This is known as regeneration.

A number of car manufacturers use a particulate filter additive such as JLM Diesel DPF Refill Fluid to speed up the regeneration process. Using a dosing system, our DPF refill fluid ensures that soot particles in the diesel particulate filter burn at a lower temperature which improves the service life of the diesel particulate filter.

The JLM Diesel DPF Fluid Refill Kit and JLM Diesel DPF Refill Fluid are suitable for almost all car makes and models and ex-works diesel particulate filters that require cleaning with the aid of regeneration fluids.

Why should you use a DPF Refill Kit?

The DPF hose ensures smooth application of a particulate filter additive. Our JLM Diesel DPF Fluid Refill Kit will help improve the periodic regeneration of the soot found in the diesel particulate filter (DPF) when using the JLM Diesel Refill Fluid. This helps the cleaning process which is essential to preserve the DPF in your diesel engine. It’s not just the DPF hose that’ll help - try our JLM DPF Cleaning Probe and JLM Diesel DPF Cleaning & Flush Fluidpack for further cleansing tools for your engine.

Powerful particulate filter additives from JLM

Our DPF fluid refill kit is a unique, universal solution to support diesel DPF refill fluid and speed up regeneration. Both tank and bag-type fluid reservoirs can be removed and refilled easily using our DPF hose. In short: one simple solution without having to dismantle the fluid reservoirs.