Diesel Turbo Cleaner

500ml / J02380
  • Reduce soot emissions
  • Restore engine power
Diesel Turbo Cleaner

JLM Turbo Cleaner is one of the best diesel turbo cleaners available on the market. It’s easy to use, inexpensive and removes dirt soot from your diesel turbo effectively.


  • Reduce soot emissions
  • Restore engine power
  • Cleans variable geometry turbo's (VGT's)

Product information

Discover how JLM Turbo Cleaner can improve the performance of your next drive.

Why use JLM Diesel Turbo Cleaner?

The JLM Diesel Turbo Cleaner is economical, extremely easy to use and removes dirt and soot effectively. It helps keep your turbo clean, restoring your engine power, extends the turbo’s life, and prevents excessive fuel consumption.
Our turbo cleaner for diesel engines is perfect If you cover a lot of short distances or are often in a traffic jam where the turbo is only lightly loaded. In these situations, the turbo will not become 'clean'. This will result in the turbo becoming blocked and could lead to expensive repair costs.

How does JLM Diesel Turbo Cleaner work?

This proven JLM product works just as simply as the name suggests. JLM Turbo Cleaner has been developed to restore engine performance, reduce soot emissions and is suitable for all diesel engines. JLM Turbo Cleaner is very easy to use, the liquid can easily be added to the diesel in the fuel tank. And there you go: fast and affordable turbo cleaning.

After using JLM Turbo Cleaner, dirt and soot will have disappeared, the turbo can boost engine performance again and the air-fuel ratio will be ideal. When driving after using the turbo cleaner, you’ll notice that the turbo works like new. In short, JLM Turbo Cleaner increases the service life, cleans the turbo and restores the turbo’s original output.

How to use JLM Turbo Cleaner

Using JLM Diesel Turbo Cleaner couldn’t be easier. Follow these simple steps and take advantage of the benefits that come with a clean turbo.

  1. Turn the engine off.
  2. Open the fuel cap.
  3. Empty contents of the bottle (500ml) to a maximum of 70 litres of diesel.
  4. Close the fuel cap and drive away.
  5. Do not refuel until the tank is almost empty.

Restore and extend the life of your vehicle’s turbo

Return your turbo to its optimal condition with JLM Turbo Cleaner. Simply empty the contents into your tank and drive away with reduced soot emissions, fuel consumption and restored engine power.

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Top product

Top product, very good back up and support. I'm happy using them and will be stocking them in my workshop for years to come.

Damien Forway

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