JLM Petrol Hybrid Treatment

250ml / J03195
JLM Petrol Hybrid Treatment

JLM Petrol Hybrid Treatment is a cleaner, protector and preserver, formulated to address the particular challenges that are faced by high-voltage hybrid vehicles, capable of electric-only propulsion. It guards against internal engine coking, lubricates and cleans the high-pressure fuel system, plus extends the petrol's usable lifespan.

Product information

The downsides of switching a petrol engine on and off repeatedly to boost fuel efficiency are not immediately apparent. 

As a result, lower temperatures and suboptimal combustion conditions promote a gradual accumulation of harmful deposits within the engine and fuel injection system.

Effects are hard to notice until the car fails an exhaust emissions inspection or develops a fault.

The JLM Petrol Hybrid Treatment is a preventative maintenance fuel additive that helps to clean up these build-ups and prevents them from reoccurring. 

The formula also tackles the fuel injector deposits caused by regular engine shut-downs while providing the low and high-pressure fuel pumps with an extra lubrication shot.

Additionally, as modern ethanol-laced petrol reacts with the air within the fuel tank, it turns stale within weeks. As deteriorated fuel is not in peak condition, it cannot burn cleanly, which encourages even more deposits to build. 

JLM's Petrol Hybrid Treatment contains an extra conditioner to slow down the ageing process, extending the fuel's usable lifespan. This function is especially beneficial for Plug-In Hybrids (PHEVs) that are run frequently in electric-only modes.


JLM's Petrol Hybrid Treatment is formulated for high-voltage hybrids driven in electric-only mode with the combustion engine turned off. It is also beneficial for any hybrid that has been used extensively in towns and cities. These include both low-voltage micro and mild-hybrid models fitted with stop-start technology.

As the Petrol Hybrid Treatment treats fuel to which it is dosed, JLM recommends using it at every fill-up. Shake well before use! And simply pour a whole 250ml can of the additive into the petrol fuel tank before filling up with fuel. 

One treatment is suitable for 30 to 50 litres of E0, E5 or E10 petrol but be careful not to overdose.

JLM's Petrol Hybrid Treatment is intended for frequent, preventative maintenance use. Suppose you encounter a fault due to driving conditions. In that case, we recommend that alternative products in the range of fuel injection cleaners might be more appropriate.

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