Petrol Injector Cleaner

250ml / J03130
Petrol Injector Cleaner

What is petrol injector cleaner?

JLM Petrol Injector Cleaner is a robust liquid used to clean the fuel system and intake system on all old and new petrol engines including flex-fuel and E10 engines. This is our best petrol injector cleaner yet - it improves engine power and performance and reduces harmful exhaust gases.

Product information

Since the 90s, all newly manufactured cars with petrol engines have had an injection system. The injection system helps to meet global environmental requirements, limit fuel consumption, and to reduce exhaust gas emissions.

As a car with an injection system or carburettors becomes older, dirt in the form of carbon accumulates in the engine, intake system and petrol injectors which can block the injectors. Therefore, more petrol has to be supplied to the cylinders to maintain sufficient power, hence fuel consumption and emissions increase considerably.

However, JLM Petrol Injector Cleaner helps diminish these effects and cleans the entire intake system, including the intake valves, combustion chambers and tops of the pistons and cylinders. Fuel System Cleaner Pro ensures an optimally clean fuel system including the injectors and restores the injection pattern.

How do engine cleaners work?

Engine cleaners, like JLM GDI Injector Cleaner and JLM Petrol Injector Cleaner, work by breaking down existing injector deposits. Our petrol injector cleaner contains a small concentration of octane booster which improves the combustion of the fuel in the engine. This increases the engine’s power while reducing fuel consumption and the number of harmful exhaust gases.

Petrol injector cleaner removes the fouling, hydrocarbons (HC) and CO2 emissions in the intake system. Garages check for high levels of these elements in a periodic MOT test, but by treating your car with our best petrol injector cleaner, you’ve got a better chance of passing the MOT. Explore our powerful range of fuel injector cleaners.

How to use JLM Petrol Injector Cleaner

Follow these simple steps to remove damaging deposits from your engine:

  1. Fill your tank with petrol.
  2. Pour 250ml of JLM Petrol Injector Cleaner into your tank.
  3. Follow the above steps every 5,000km to optimise engine performance.

How much petrol injector cleaner should you use?

250ml of JLM Petrol Injector Cleaner treats 1000 litres of petrol. Drive a diesel? Try JLM Diesel Injector Cleaner.

Amplify your engine injector with JLM

We offer the best engine injector cleaner out there - try our effective JLM petrol diesel cleaner and see for yourself!

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My car sometimes stuttered with a cold engine. I don't know anything about cars so on the advice of JLM Lubricants I used JLM Petrol Injector Cleaner and the stuttering was over. Very pleased with it!