JLM Radiator Clean & Flush

250ml / J04813
JLM Radiator Clean & Flush

JLM Radiator Clean & Flush Pro quickly and effectively removes rust, iron oxide and lime scale deposits from corroded metal in the cooling system, radiator, coolant passages and engine block without affecting the materials


  • Suitable for all types of radiators, water pumps and heating systems
  • Can be mixed with all types of coolants and antifreeze
  • Protects cooling and heating systems against oxidation and blockage
  • Prevents engine damage
  • Dissolve lime scale deposits

Product information

A blocked cooling system is the major cause of engine damage as a consequence of heat. JLM Radiator Clean & Flush cleans the cooling system quickly and effectively and prevents blockage. Radiator Clean & Flush also ensures better transfer and distribution of heat in the cooling system and so prevents overheating.

JLM Radiator Clean & Flush aids the preservation and maintenance of the engine and is suitable for use in combination with plastic, steel and aluminium parts in the cooling system.


Shake well before use. Add the contents of one bottle (250ml) to the radiator, drive for about 30 minutes and drain the cooling system.
Flush the radiator thoroughly with water before refilling the cooling system with coolant. Be careful when opening or draining the radiator / cooling system as hot coolant or hot steam might escape under pressure.

Dosage: One bottle (250ml) treats cooling systems with a capacity of up to 12 liters.

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