Petrol Additives

Petrol engines perform on a higher level than ever before, delivering more power and better fuel efficiency. Driving short distances, using inferior fuel quality and the presence of dirt in your system will decrease the performance of the car. To make sure your car continues performing as new, we have developed a powerful product that will clean the system of your car like new.

Besides acting as fuel, petrol also functions as lubricating product for the mechanical components in the fuel system of cars. By fuel system we mean all components that are in contact with fuel, from tank up to injectors.

Ethanol is a very lean product that has no lubricating properties at all. As a matter of fact ethanol has corroding effects on metal surfaces and it dries out rubber hoses.

Increasing ethanol % in fuel therefore has a negative effect on the durability of fuel system components.

JLM offers fuel additives that prevent the negative effects of ethanol on metal components in the fuel system, by means of adding corrosion inhibitors to the fuel. Furthermore the JLM fuel additives contain detergents the clean carbon deposits from the intake system, injectors and inlet valves.

Petrol functions

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Fantastic products, we wouldn't consider stocking anything else in our workshop!

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