JLM Diesel Emission Reduction Treatment

250ml / J02370
  • Reduces emissions
  • Optimises engine performance
  • Improves the performance of the catalytic converter
JLM Diesel Emission Reduction Treatment

A new and unique professional formulation from JLM, the fuel additive experts, specifically engineered for diesel engines. The additive package will target all parts of the fuel, combustion and exhaust system.


  • Reduces emissions
  • Cetane improver
  • Increase engine performance
  • Increase efficiency
  • Removes carbon deposit from injectors and prevents needles from seizing
  • Reduces corrosion and wear
  • Improves starting performance and eliminates knocking under partial loads
  • Contains a highly effective lubricity agent to lubricate the fuel pump
  • Reduces carbon in the diesel particulate filter
  • Improves the performance of the catalytic converter

Product information

JLM Diesel Emission Reduction Treatment contains a unique blend of additives including a cetane booster and powerful cleaning additives that combine to give a deep and thorough clean of the entire fuel and exhaust system on diesel engines. The formula also contains a DPF Regeneration additive which is specifically designed to reduce the temperature at which carbon deposits are burned off in the Diesel Particulate Filter. This is a big benefit to urban cycle / low mileage diesel cars and LCVs helping to improve performance and significantly reduce maintenance costs.

MOT Failure: One of the most common causes of MOT failure is due to poor emissions. A single treatment of JLM Diesel Emission Reduction Treatment will, in most cases, quickly cure the original cause of the problem, reducing the emissions to an acceptable level and avoiding expensive repair charges.

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