JLM E10 Fuel Treatment

250ml / J03175
  • Prevents corrosion, conditions fuel
  • Lubricates valves and valves seats
  • Increases octane number
  • Cleans combutions chamber and injectors
  • Better drivability
JLM E10 Fuel Treatment

Ethanol based fuels tend to lubricate less and deteriorate faster than regular fuels, resulting in reduced lubrication of valves and a loss of fuel octane number. This potentially leads to valve seat recession, engine knocking and build-up of dirt / gum in the fuel system. In addition ethanol based fuels are hygroscopic and corrosive to specific metal, rubber and plastic parts.

JLM E10 Fuel Treatment is an all in one fuel treatment for (classic)cars providing ethanol corrosion protectionand valve seat lubrication and protection. In addition it boosts the fuel’s octane number.

Product information

JLM E10 Fuel Treatment is a powerful fuel additive. Specifically developed to protect the fuel system against the harmful effects of E10 fuels. 

How to use
Squeeze the bottle until the required dose is reached. Add 10ml per 10l of gasoline to the fuel tank with each refuelling. 

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