JLM Engine Oil Flush Heavy Duty

1000ml / J04836
JLM Engine Oil Flush Heavy Duty

JLM Engine Oil Flush Heavy Duty is an aftermarket chemical additive designed for use in HDV’s (incl. trucks, semi's, heavy machinery and stationary engines) This oil-based product is designed to clean accumulated deposits, sludge, gum and varnish from the engine before an oil change. 1 liter will treat 20 to 40 liter engine oil. 


  • Internally cleans and flushes the engine (e.g. cylinder walls, pistons, rings, valve lifters) with highly effective cleaning agents
  • Eliminates gum, varnish and sludge
  • Easily removes contaminants like carbon deposits, soot and liquids (water and fuel rests)
  • Reduces fuel consumption and exhaust emissions by restoring engine condition and enabling the new and fresh oil to perform optimally Usage

Product information


For all HDV gasoline, diesel and LPG engines with or without turbochargers. Compatible with all mineral, semi synthetic or fully synthetic motor oils.


Shake before use! For professional use only!

1. The engine must be at operating temperature!
2. Before changing oil, pour the contents of one bottle in the crank case  of the engine
3. Let the engine run on idle for 15 minutes, alternatively at low and high rpm.
4. Drain the oil from the crank case.
5. Replace oil filter.
6. Refill crank case with recommended fresh motor oil.


One bottle of 1 liter treats 20-40 liter of motor oil.

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