JLM Multi Spray

400ml / J04200
  • Cleans, lubricates and protects
  • Penetrates easily
  • Dissolves rust
  • Loosens rusty bolts, nuts, screws, locks and hinge
  • Rust preventing / anti corrosion
JLM Multi Spray

The JLM Multi Spray is a multi-purpose, high-quality light oil, perfect for a wide range of environments, from demanding workshop use, to occasional domestic applications. Its low-viscosity formula is enhanced by water displacement and anti-corrosion properties

Product information

JLM Lubricant's Multi Spray is intended for general use as a penetrative lubricant. Its low-odour mineral oil base possesses ingredients to reduce the evaporation rate for optimum infusion, regardless of whether it is used on a warm, cold, or salt contaminated surface. It is also non-aggressive to most materials.

The JLM Multi Spray's high-quality formula ensures that it is sufficiently thin to penetrate corroded parts but strong enough to lubricate. Its water displacing action adds an anti-corrosion quality, making it especially useful when applied to unpainted iron and steel surfaces.

The effective formula is enhanced by the generous aerosol capacity and careful thought about avoiding both wastage and mess. While the spray nozzle dispenses an even quantity of lubricant, its relatively wide angle is not ideal for every application. For this reason, JLM Lubricants designed a fold-away extension probe to suit more exact needs. Unlike many alternative products, where the extension probe is stuck to the aerosol body, often by a slither of adhesive tape, JLM Lubricant's Multi Spray incorporates it as part of the nozzle moulding, reducing the risk of it becoming misplaced.


The JLM Lubricants Multi Spray aerosol should be shaken for several minutes and used at room temperature. Being part of the plastic nozzle moulding, the precision probe can be raised and lowered, as required.

Spray the product on the intended surface and allow any excess oil to either evaporate, or wipe it away. When Multi Spray's penetrative function is needed the most, allow a little time for its soaking property to work. Being a flammable product, do not apply Multi Spray to very hot surfaces.

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