JLM Multispray

400ml / J04200
  • Cleans, lubricates and protects
  • Penetrates easily
  • Penetrates easily
  • Loosens rusty bolts, nuts, screws, locks and hinge
  • Rust preventing / anti corrosion
JLM Multispray

JLM Multispray for multifunctional cleaning, lubricating and protective oil for workshops, cars, caravans, motorcycles, bicycles, home application, hobby material and tools. 

Product information

Directions for use
Use on room temperature. 
Shake before use. 
Spray from a short distance the parts to clean, lubricate or protect. 
Spray the surface to be treated with multi-oil and allow the product to run off.  
In certain cases the product needs time to soak. 
Remove excess of lubrication. 
Leave to evaporate/dry.