Speaking from JLM Headquarters at the World Trade Center, Amsterdam, Founder and Managing Director Gilbert Groot said: “In BCP-Industry we have a distributor with incredible experience and reach within the automotive sector and other relevant sectors. Peter Mondelaers and Frederik Volckaert (company founders) share our passion for customer service and they understand the importance of targeted marketing through stockist and trade channels. They will open up new markets for our products too. We know anecdotally and statistically that Belgium has a thriving automotive sector; that there exists a clear and pressing need from the professional technician for our trade trusted products.”

Commenting on the appointment, Peter Mondelaurs said: “JLM is the most qualified partner we could work because they have developed a range of problem solving additives for the trade market. There are significant opportunities in Belgium with JLM’s range of DPF products alone. Diesel vehicles are presenting many DPF related problems. We can take this range to stockists and technicians secure in the knowledge they are the best – especially with the endorsement from the DPF Doctor Network. Also the fast growing range of Petrol products including the brand new JLM GDI Injector Cleaner offer large opportunities for us in Belgium. We are committed to JLM and as part of our expansion plans are building a new warehouse in Belgium and increasing our customer service team. We can hold JLM stock and deliver orders swiftly.”

“We currently distribute our existing products to many clients from technicians and automotive shops to farmers, machinery manufacturers and shipping companies. We will introduce JLM to the biggest automobile and transport brands in Belgium. With our existing contacts and reputation plus the quality of the JLM product range we will be unstoppable!”

Speaking of JLM’s plans for 2020 Gilbert Groot said: “We will pursue three complementary strategies; one – we will intensify the marketing and sales support offered to our distributors; two – we will develop and launch at least five new products and finally we will not let up on our mission to ensure that the JLM brand is held in the highest esteem by automotive technicians all over the world.”

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