JLM Lubricants



 / 500ml

  • Breaks up rust with cold shock
  • Releases seized and corroded parts
  • Removes corrosion, dirt crust, oil residue
  • Penetrates easily, PTFE lubrication
  • Anti corrosion, leaves protective film

JLM’s Injector + Spark Plug Loosener is especially useful for freeing seized delicate parts. It is strong enough to break apart the bond between two components but is sufficiently gentle to reduce the chance of later damage.

Product information

Using excessive force to remove a seized component can be counterproductive. While breaking a stud, by attempting to unscrew a heavily corroded nut, is not always a catastrophe, the cost and effort involved in extracting a snapped spark plug, fuel injector, or glow plug can be considerable.

For a variety of reasons, these components’ threads and those of the cylinder-head can fuse together. The result is a powerful bond that is inaccessible. Rather than using physical force to separate them, JLM Lubricants offers its chemical expertise as a solution.

JLM Lubricants’ Injector + Spark Plug Loosener works by contracting the area to which it is applied, by chilling it rapidly up to -40 degrees Celsius. This sudden temperature change breaks the fused surfaces apart, by promoting micro-cracking. JLM’s injector + spark plug loosener also incorporates a powerful PTFE-based lubricant, which reduces stress on the component, by reducing friction while the part is extracted. Extra benefits include a potent corrosion inhibitor additive and a composition that is free from both acids and silicone.


The generously filled aerosol and its precision nozzle facilitate easy and accurate application. Ensure that the area, on which you are working, is as clean as possible and free from corrosion flakes. Should it not damage the component, disconnect any electrical wiring and pre-clean the area with a wire brush.

Shake the 400ml JLM Injector + Spark Plug Loosener aerosol for at least two minutes, prior to directing the spray at the desired component and noting the resultant chilling effect. Never touch the area with bare skin to verify the falling temperature, because you risk frostbite injury. Allow a short period for the product to weaken the corrosion bond. You may have to repeat the application, before using appropriate tools to apply sufficient breakaway torque.

While JLM’s Injector + Spark Plug Loosener adds a PTFE lubrication function to aid removal, after the part has loosened, it does not guarantee against component breakage if you apply excessive force afterwards. Therefore, use any pullers judicially. Should you need to unscrew the part, turn the component in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions, which helps to free the bond further and reduces friction between the threads.

Consider cleaning the threads with a suitable tool, before refitting the component. JLM’s injector + spark plug loosener also leaves an anti-corrosion film behind, protecting the exposed threads from oxidation, until the part is replaced.

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JLM Lubricants

Great addition

"This is a great addition to the products in my workshop. We continuously see fantastic results in the recovery of emissions and engine performance, among other things."

- Paul Finn

JLM Lubricants


"I was very skeptical, but after using the product and starting my car, I couldn't believe my eyes ... the yellow light in my car was no longer on!"

- Kevin Kalo

JLM Fixing cars

Surprising­ly good

"I never thought that JLM would surprise me so much. It gets better and better every time. I will continue to use these products. The fantastic results speak for themselves. Keep up the great work."

- Andrew Watts


These are the most common questions we get.

Do any of the JLM additives help the performance of the high pressure diesel fuel pump?

J02330 Rapid is perfect for pump and injectors!

Is it OK to use the JLM Extreme Clean and the DPF Cleaner together?

No, this will not have a positive effect. In fact it may cause an adverse effect. And also the risk of overdosing! Never combine fuel additives


Will JLM Bluboost dissolve existing crystal infestation or is it more like a preventative product?

JLM’s Bluboost additive cleans and prevents crystal formation in the AdBlue® dosing system. It also conditions the AdBlue® fluid for a longer time to ensure proper working of the AdBlue® and SCR system. This helps prevent performance loss and the often-subsequent expensive repairs. It also reduces foaming at low temperatures

Is the JLM Engine Oil Flush safe for use with wet belt engines?

Our JLM OIL FLUSH is safe to use with ‘wet belts’ (TBIO). This is mainly because we use non solvent and premium pack of oil cleaning additives.


Does the Petrol Emissions Reduction Treatment also clean the catalytic convertor?

The catalytic converter is not a filter, it functions by converting harmful emission gases into less harmful gases. The filter can become contaminated if for example there has been an oil leak, and when this happens the filter needs to be replaced. There is no additive or chemical that will remove physical contamination from a catalytic.

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