Erich Siarah, JLM distributor, North-East Germany

How long have you been selling JLM products?

We have been selling lubricants in Germany for 20 years but started selling JLM products in 2016. Prior to this we were looking for a dynamic and modern addition to our product range, so when we found JLM Lubricants GmbH it was a fantastic opportunity we had to take.

What made you decide to promote the JLM Lubricants’ brand and products?

From the first time JLM Lubricants were introduced to us, we were impressed by the efficient and well-rounded product range. The portfolio is constantly growing and developing, using modern solutions to deal with existing demands which is incredibly exciting. We have been selling JLM products for 5 years now and still receive positive feedback from our customers regarding the quality.

What are your five bestselling JLM products and why?

For petrol products Petrol Catalytic Converter Cleaner and EGR Valve Cleaner are very popular, while the diesel products Turbo CleanerRapid-Fuel System Clean and DPF Cleaner are always in demand. For the LPG line, Valve Saver Fluid and the built-in units are a common favourite, as well as Stop Smoke and Radiator Sealer and Conditioner for the service products. The assurance of being able to offer a product range that sets a leading standard in quality and development, is a solid foundation for a successful partnership.

We are proud to be a JLM Lubricants’ dealer and are looking forward to a shared path into the future.

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