Dear JLM friends,

My name is Wolfgang Arens. I have been a member of the JLM team from the very beginning and am responsible for the German-speaking market.

It is both exciting and interesting to see that with JLM’s high quality products we are building market share – gradually but consistently – in what is a very competitive market. Quality means that I can visit a workshop with confidence knowing that any onsite demonstrations I undertake will show excellent results. You can see the effectiveness of our products using an OBD tester immediately after application.

JLM products live up to their promises and perform to the standards that a professional mechanic rightly demands! As part of this commitment to quality we have worked with TÜV Rheinland and Saarbrücken University of Technology, testing and confirming the effectiveness of JLM additives. This serves to strengthen the relationships we have built with professional technicians that value JLM as a trade trusted brand and the technicians we are yet to meet.

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