Rewind 10 years and for some technicians additives were viewed with a degree of scepticism. Today it’s all changed with top techs using additives on a rinse and repeat basis, advocating their use to customers for maintaining vehicle health in between workshop visits. It’s no longer a case of ‘should we use additives?’ more, ‘which additives can we stake our reputation on?’ 

And this is where it gets messy. 

Stick a pin on the global map and you’ll find stockists’ shelves groaning with additives. Unfortunately for many the hype on the label is just that. Products that don’t match their promises. For time-pressed techs focussed on a first time fix the additives they choose must deliver to the Lean philosophy of Right First Time On Time Every Time. 

“It’s all about liquid tools,” says Auke Possel, JLM Lubricants’ Global Brand Manager. “And this has been the unrelenting focus of JLM Lubricants from day one. Developing products in the laboratory using the highest concentration of active ingredients with a clear audit trail that withstands the closest scrutiny. But we don’t stop there. The independent technician is the jewel in our crown.  So, before launching a product, we enlist an ‘army’ of technicians to road test it. Does it meet every promise? Are the results consistent? What value will it add in your workshop? Only then are we happy the product is another liquid tool; one we can distribute with confidence on the global stage.  Being trusted by the trade is as good as it gets but we never take it for granted.”

Scrutiny of a mere handful of JLM Lubricants’ products sees the concept of liquid tools in action. The JLM DPF cleaner contains a high concentration of Cerium and Platinum. This allows regeneration to take place at a much lower temperature and in a much shorter time. Products unworthy of the liquid tools’ label are cost cutters with a much higher metal content -bad news all round for the DPF. The JLM Automatic Transmission Flush has none of the aggressive solvents of other products but removes all grime, vanish, wear and deposits while the JLM Brake Cleaner has no CMR substances (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic and Toxic For reproduction) making it significantly safer for the technician. 

The JLM GDI Cleaner and Petrol Extreme Clean are both iconic workshop hero products that became viral through technicians putting them through their paces and recommending them to their peers. 

“2024 marks the 14th birthday of JLM Lubricants,” continues Auke. “It’s shaping up to be our most successful year to date thanks in no small part to our trade customers; loyal technicians road testing our products and using these liquid tools every day in their workshops. With the increased focus globally on the circular economy and sustainability, top tier additives will deliver for the workshop, the motorist, and the environment. But its’ time to pay close attention to the genuinely good guys and to kick the sizzle-with-no-substance formulas to the curb.”

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