Top tier additives with an audit trail laying bare their recognised testing credentials and, with clear labelling of the active ingredients are playing a vital role in the workshop. They are an important piece in the repair over replace jigsaw not to mention, products over parts. And with motorists the world over feeling the pinch at the pumps and at home with the cost-of-living squeeze, additives that match their promises can help keep their vehicle in good condition, with the bonus of improved fuel economy.  

But there’s more. 

“The repair over replace revolution was actually gathering momentum with workshops long before a global pandemic added further heft to it,” says Gilbert Groot, founder, and CEO of JLM Lubricants. “We know from our daily conversations with technicians all over the world, not to mention our year-on-year rise in sales that when they can use an additive over a part replacement it is now a serious contender. And for robust reasons. Technicians build trust with customers, often over many years. When times are tough there’s an even greater emphasis on keeping repair and service costs within limits customers can afford. Top quality additives, or liquid tools as we call them can often take the place of a replacement part – with everyone winning. Consider too that with this commitment to repair over replace, workshops are also playing a key part in the circular economy. This is where the system is based on the reuse and regeneration of materials and products as a means of continuing production in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way. There are around 30,000 parts in the average car from the tiniest nuts and bolts to the engine block. Every time a technician fixes a car with one of our liquid tools instead of a part replacement it not only saves the workshop time and the customer money, it’s one less part to order, one less part for scrappage. For vehicles where a repair cost using a part either exceeds the vehicle’s value or it’s just not economically viable for the customer, if an additive can be used instead, everyone wins. This is where we’re seeing the biggest breakthroughs in terms of the rising demand for JLM Lubricants’ products.  

Top tier techs doing what they have always done so well – putting customers first by giving them more affordable but nevertheless valid options and making a real commitment to being sustainable, environmentally responsible businesses.” 

JLM Lubricants’ brand mission is to develop and manufacture products that are in sync with the Lean philosophy which promotes the flow of value to the customer through the guiding tenets of continuous improvement and eliminating waste in processes to deliver more value with fewer resources. To meet this mission the JLM team will continue to work closely with technicians. This ensures that the products developed and the existing formulas that are improved upon will each play an important part in the repair over replace revolution one workshop at a time. 

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