Advising and informing your customers
Do your customers know exactly what happens inside their vehicle’s engine? It’s not very likely. That is why it’s up to you, the professional motor mechanic, to contribute ideas to your customer and to provide them with the best possible information and advice about the current and future condition of their valuable transport asset. What happens in the engine, what should they look out for and how you can get their engine into the right condition and keep it that way.

Modern engines are becoming smaller and smaller, are becoming more and more powerful and are more and more often equipped with stop-start systems. Vehicle manufacturers are increasing the servicing intervals, which means that vehicles are in the workshop less and less often. This enormously increases the burden on the technology and on the engine oil itself.

The stop-and-go traffic on the city streets of today and the latest start-stop technology are imposing new and increasingly heavy demands on engine technology and therefore on the lubricants in these engines too. Moisture and unburned fuel accumulate in the engine, and have a negative effect on the lubrication, causing the engine to break down sooner. Oil maintenance has always been important, but is becoming ever more important. Oil must be changed regularly, even in low-mileage vehicles. As it gets older, the oil loses more of its active additives. What is more, moisture accumulates in the oil, which hardly or never becomes warm which can cause damage to the essential, expensive components in the engine.

Low SAPS oils
Most private and commercial diesel-engined vehicles are fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) or soot filter that enable them to comply with stringent, global environmental requirements. The soot filter captures dirt from the engine that would otherwise end up in the environment. The dirt contains solid substances such as wear particles from the engine as well as dust and dirt particles and sulphur from the fuel and engine oil. To extend the service life of the filter for as long as possible it has to be regenerated (cleaned) regularly. Over the course of time the soot filter becomes more and more clogged with substances that can no longer be removed by regeneration.

Motor oil contains sulphur, phosphorous and additives containing metal. In order to continue to meet the environmental requirements, vehicle manufacturers, together with oil manufacturers are required to reduce oil consumption and the amount of unwanted substances.

Low SAPS oil contains fewer additives containing metal and reduced quantities of sulphur and phosphorous. Depending on the soot filter manufacturer and the type of filter involved, the vehicle manufacturer recommends the use of an ACEA C1, C2 or C3 type of oil. Low SAPS oils are primarily designed for new engines from EURO 4 onwards; almost no low SAPS oils available for older engines. The additive products of JLM Lubricants ensure that, despite the extreme loads and long servicing intervals, the engine oil retains it lubricating properties and prevents you one day being confronted with sky-high costs for the repair of engine damage and/or overhauls.

JLM Engine Oil Flush Pro, 250ml J04835JLM
Engine Oil Flush Pro is added to the oil before every oil change. Engine Oil Flush Pro cleans aged and dirty engines and engine oil quickly and effectively, improving engine performance and reducing fuel consumption. Engine Oil Flush Pro dissolves old oil residues and accumulated dirt in the engine and cleans the lubrication system and essential components such as cylinder walls, pistons, piston springs, valves, valve guides and the combustion chamber.

JLM Stop Smoke Pro, 250ml – J04831
JLM Stop Smoke Pro can be added to the oil any time and as required. Stop Smoke Pro reduces smoke from the exhaust, engine wear and oil consumption and improves engine performance. Stop Smoke Pro has been specially developed for older engines with worn components and can be used in petrol, diesel, LPG and CNG engines that discharge blue/grey smoke from the exhaust.JLM Oil Flush Pro, Engine Oil Booster Pro and Stop Smoke Pro can be used in all old and new petrol, diesel, LPG/CNG and stationary engines and mixed with all mineral, synthetic, monograde and multigrade oil types.

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