Press Release for Immediate Release June 2022

For several years, JLM Lubricants have shared the uncompromising message globally that cheap DPF Refill Fluids can cause irreversible damage to the DPF. This has led to thousands of mechanics trusting JLM’s DPF Refill Fluid which contains the maximum dose of active ingredients to keep the DPF in good working condition. Given the strong diesel car parc in most countries the choice of DPF refill fluid is important. This is especially so in today’s cost cutting climate. Technicians must ensure vehicle maintenance and parts repair costs are kept within reasonable limits if motorists are to remain loyal and to continue to bring their cars to the workshop for routine maintenance and repairs.

“It can still be challenging sharing the message with technicians that they must invest in a product that really does what it says on the tin as opposed to choosing the cheapest,” says Gilbert Groot, JLM founder and CEO. “This is especially when the cheap DPF refill fluid additives boast of doing what products like ours do but closer inspection – fundamentally testing in the laboratory – reveals they contain a fraction of the working ingredients. Their claims are misleading and inaccurate. They’re not fit for purpose. So, we continue with our mission to share the message in the 45 countries we now have a strong presence in that the JLM DPF Refill Fluid is the universal regeneration fluid alternative for the aftermarket. It ensures that soot particles in the DPF burn at a lower temperature which improves the service life of the diesel particulate filter. And the price is exceptionally competitive too.”

Groot is not alone in pointing out the problems with inferior DPF refill fluids. Leading technical journalist Rob Marshall is strident in warning against them too commenting: “Despite the extra complication, ‘wet’ Eolys-type DPFs are one of the most reliable. Their fuel-borne catalysts do not just facilitate soot combustion at reduced temperatures, but they also suppress ash build. Cutting corners with a sub-standard top-up fluid is virtually as bad as disabling the entire emissions-control system, which is illegal in some countries. The DPF management system will try to compensate with more frequent active regenerations, but this will harm not just fuel economy but also the DPF. The resultant increase in lubricant contamination could even cause permanent turbocharger and engine damage. With DPF refills, it’s either right, or wrong, with no middle ground.” (#CarTechJourno)

“What Rob is saying is a real wake up call for technicians, garages and factors influenced by additives on the basis they’re cheap,” says Groot. “If they are to succeed at using products over parts and repairing versus replacing, they must choose products that deliver on their promises and that extend the life of vehicle parts, in this case the DPF. Savvy technicians know that quality counts and it delivers,” concludes Groot.

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