Based in the manufacturing powerhouse of The Netherlands, global brand JLM Lubricants has added to its roster of ‘trade trusted’ premium quality automotive aftermarket products with a dedicated HD range which includes Engine Oil Flush, Fuel Injection System Cleaner and Diesel Extreme Clean.

The products have been engineered to reduce off road vehicle downtime, save fuel, improve performance, and reduce the need for parts’ replacement. As part of the pre- launch testing, every product was put through its paces in workshops on a range of heavy-duty vehicles including lorries and tractors.

For fleet managers news of the range is welcome not least because using a high-quality additive whenever possible is better than an expensive part or a time-consuming off-road repair. 

Speaking from JLM Lubricants’ headquarters in Amsterdam, JLM founder and CEO Gilbert Groot said: “We’ve already gained market share in the HD sector with our Heavy-Duty DPF Cleaner which saves fleet owners substantial sums compared to replacing a DPF.

The DPF can be cleaned on the vehicle which reduces vehicle downtime, and it keeps the business in the workshop which is especially welcome if the fleet is maintained by the business. It made sense to roll out three further products that are perfect for HD vehicles – when used on a standalone basis and as complementary additives during vehicle servicing, maintenance, and repair.”

 “The demand for this range has undoubtedly been fuelled by the ongoing global hike in the price of fuel. HD vehicle running costs are now at an all-time high,” continues Groot. “Our dedicated HD range will keep those wagons rolling, cut workshop repair bills, slash vehicle down time and improve fuel efficiency. Every hour a HD vehicle is off the road presents a logistical challenge to the owner or fleet manager plus a decrease in profits that’s not helped by increasing workshop costs. Because we work closely with mechanics from the earliest stages of a product’s development, we understand their detailed requirements for high quality additives to keep workshop time and fees on the right side of fairness. This is what we deliver. And of course, we are embracing the growing trend of products over parts and repair versus replace.”

“The products in our HD range are already bestsellers in the automotive sector in over 45 countries,” says Groot. “We have simply changed the concentrate to make them suitable for heavy duty vehicles from a truck to a tractor and a school bus. It is our plan to keep on adding to the range so watch this space.”

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