Brett Lloyd, GCG Turbochargers, JLM distributor for Australia and New Zealand

How long have you been selling JLM products?

GCG Turbochargers have been the JLM Distributor for Australia and New Zealand since 2018.

What made you decide to promote the JLM Lubricants’ brand and products?

JLM Lubricants is a dynamic and growing brand, open to working with their distributors to develop and expand their product offering. They offer many unique products with the emphasis on detail that no other lubricants’ manufacturer has shown. The brand continues to improve with market feedback development, and we look forward to the launch of even more innovative products in the future.

What are your five bestselling JLM products and why?

1. JLM Turbo Pre-Lube 
It is now the standard to use a purpose made priming lubricant when installing a turbo charger. This product is sold with almost every turbo charger, creating value when it is packaged with turbo gasket and fitting kits.

2. JLM Petrol/Diesel Air intake & EGR Cleaner
The 500ml packaging and flexible petrol and diesel chemistry make this a lucrative investment for professional mechanics – smaller investment is made in stock. The stock held will return greater profits than other products available on the market. It rapidly restores fuel economy and keeps the engine running efficiently. This makes it a key product every time a car is being serviced.

3. JLM Engine Oil Flush
The common trend of short journeys that do not allow the engine to warm up, as well as low quality diesel in Australia, means oil contamination is a very big issue. Engine flush is a standard practice for a vehicle servicing and is commonly used as much as possible. Feedback shows that JLM’s formula can thoroughly remove contamination and oil sludge, and when used regularly will not allow it to develop again.

4. JLM Diesel Extreme Clean
This all-in-one treatment has proven time and time again that it is possible to use chemistry to clear faults and codes that most mechanics would usually replace parts to fix. From common rail injector and variable turbo vanes to diesel particulate filters, we have heard so many success stories and so few failures. This product raises the standard of additive technology and allows the highest quality diagnostic technicians to work efficiently and professionally.

5. JLM DPF Clean & Flush Fluid
Many mechanics in Australia are sceptical about cleaning a DPF without removing it – often due to incorrect diagnosis or using a poor-quality product. JLM DPF Clean & Flush Fluids are changing the way mechanics assess a DPF situation to allow them to clean it quickly, thoroughly and without breaking the bank.

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